Welcome to the New You-Phoria

Posted 04/24/2010 by youphoric

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Cal and I are very excited about our new look and new blog software. In addition to our sharper skin, it's now easier to look back at our archive, and the new tag cloud is a great way to find other you-phoria content that you might like.

For me, you-phoria.com has always been about combining passions... applying technology to provide a platform for great music writers, and content for music fans. Cal and I could put up a blog anywhere, but we have higher aspirations than that. Our new platform, Sitecore CMS and EviBlog, will allow us to use you-phoria as a testing ground for cool new functionality and technology. This is still just the beginning.

Thanks to Brian E for our new logo, and to Mark van Aalst for EviBlog (I have some updates to contribute back!). And thank you for coming by.

-youphoric (aka techphoria414)