Bonnaroo 2008 Lineup

Wed Feb 06 2008

I wasn’t ready to go to sleep, and I really don’t know what I’ll do now.
UPDATED 2/6: To celebrate, we’re bringing you the 9/9/05 Pearl Jam show in Thunder Bay, ON via streaming mp3. It’s playing on loop. Enjoy!

Well, the rumors about Pearl Jam turned out to be true, and the full lineup leaves little to want. Except perhaps an addition of STS9 in the coming weeks. : )

Full lineup can be seen on the official site. You can also find it at Jambase, where the celebrating, bitching, flaming and trolling has begun.

The lack of a third obvious headliner behind Pearl Jam and Metallica does make you wonder. Rumors are still floating about Led Zeppelin, especially with the appearance of a strange and seemingly misleading AP story. However it seems that someone at the AP misread the artist lineup, mistaking the tribute band Lez Zeppelin for the real deal. A corrected story was posted shortly thereafter. Oops.

I know the jam community is going to be disappointed by the continued entrenchment of “mainstream” acts. I must admit that I have my reservations about Metallica. A look through a few 2007 sets eases me a bit…and really, could you pass this up?

I’d discussed this past week with both Cal and fieldsofme about how much Bonnaroo can dominate your summer. It takes money, vacation time, and lots and lots of energy to work in those four days of bliss. It’s a real investment. Such an investment that part of me wished that the rumors weren’t true…that there would be no Pearl Jam. Some bands I didn’t care about would be headlining. I’d be able to expend my energy perhaps on a couple smaller festivals this year. But did I really want that? Did any of us? Fuck, no. Bring it on, Bonnaroo. Let’s make it the best ‘roo yet.

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