The You-Phoria Guide to Showering at Bonnaroo

Thu Feb 21 2008

It seems there are a few of you out there wondering about the showering situation at Bonnaroo. With over 20 years of collective ‘roo experience in the immediate you-phoria family alone, we are more than happy to offer some advice and options.

Read on my dirty friends!

Don’t shower
Though a popular option for some people, you won’t make many friends this way. And hopefully you aren’t sharing a tent.

The natural shower. You’re still going without soap, and you really don’t want it to rain that much. Though some is nice to keep the dust down.

The Fountain
This is a popular option for cooling off during the day. Keep in mind, though, that this water is RECYCLED and gets a little grimy.

Paid showers
Seven bucks for 10 minutes in a little stall? True, you get hot water, but do you really want a hot shower when it’s 95 degrees outside?

Portable sun showers
Coleman makes some nice portable shower bags that can be heated by the sun, but what do you do with the water? Your campground will be a mess.

Wash stations
It’s cold. Really cold. Throw on your swim suit, grab some soap (even shampoo), a towel, and a pitcher. Now, brace yourself. Fill the pitcher, hold your breath, and dump it over your head. Soap up and dump again. The pores on your scalp WILL scream, but YOU ARE ALIVE and you WILL feel refreshed. Repeat 1-2 times a day.

A nice wash station shower is particularly nice right around dinner time…clean off the sweat and dust from the day, and get ready to dance all night. I regret that I won’t be seeing you at the wash station this year—we’ll be at Rothbury a few weeks later. Hopefully the organizers of this fest can provide a similar bathing experience. The summer just isn’t complete without it.

My feet after Bonnaroo
Feet after Bonnaroo. Even with regular bathing, you can only expect so much.

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