Brew City infiltrates SPIN

Wed May 26 2010

There’s no SPIN jinx, right?  No less than four mentions of Milwaukee appear in the latest issue.  There’s the dubious notoriety of Weiland’s latest crash-and-burn during STP’s March show at the Rave (“…Weiland was out of it in Milwaukee, forgetting lyrics and looking confused…”).  Summerfest gets a brief capsule in the festival feature story (“DON’T MISS: Thievery Corporation’s politically fiery Bollywood-dub chutney”—no argument here).  Naturally, the review of the widely-acclaimed new disc from local heroes Kings Go Forth receives eight pink dots (that’s four stars to the rest of the publishing world).

But perhaps the most satisfying blurb is a shout-out to our very own Radio Milwaukee from Elijah Jones of The Constellations: “‘We sent songs to everyone,’ explains the singer.  ‘And 88.9 in Milwaukee was the first to catch on.  They invited us to play a show, and the day I got there, I heard three of our songs on the radio.‘”  Between the Mighty 91 (still in need of ten grand in community support by the end of the month—show ‘em some support at!!) and 88Nine, we have the best radio airwaves pound for pound in the country.  Believe it, people: MKE is bustin’ out.

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