AV Club, Et Cetera

Mon Apr 18 2011

Just a quick note for anyone who doesn’t get my Twitter/Facebook updates: I’ve been doing quite a bit of work for The Onion’s AV Club lately; too much to put links to all of it here, in fact.  If you’re interested, here are a few recent reviews

Robert Plant and Band Of Joy @ The Riverside

Bright Eyes @ The Pabst

Sharon Van Etten @ The Pabst

At this point, you can’t really search for my name at the AV Club’s website.  I hope I can get them to fix this at some point.  If you happen to be on Twitter, I’m @roachcraft.  Much more to come this week and in the future at You-Phoria, have no fear.  Thanks for reading!  We really do appreciate it.

Cal Roach

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