Instructions For Listening To Jon Mueller's dHrAaNwDn

Fri Mar 24 2017

Initially I was dismayed that dHrAaNwDn didn’t come with a download card. After listening to it, I understand that it’s not the sort of sonic experience you could fit into an iPod. These instructions should work whichever version of the project you happen to have acquired. I would recommend the deluxe, but they are all sold out. Find the standard version at

1. Acquire or secure access to a decent turntable and stereo system, located in a room with a wooden floor.

1a. Headphones will not produce the proper effect. If you must resort to headphones, be a little bit sad that you are not able to have the full experience of the album.

2. Visit Jon's website and read about the impetus behind this project. Mentally absorb photos of the room that housed its creation. A modicum of independent research regarding the Shakers couldn't hurt, either, unless you're already an expert on the culture.

2a. If you purchased the deluxe version, listen to the included cassette while driving to Chicago to see The Necks. (note: This may be done before or after listening to the vinyl, I imagine.)

3. To be on the safe side, set aside ninety minutes or so to be free of distractions.

3a. If you feel these instructions are already unrealistic, rearrange your life until you can peacefully set aside an hour and a half some evening to actually do whatever the hell you want to do. Occasional periods of solitude are essential for human sanity. 

4. Place the needle on the outer edge of the wax as it turns.

5. Sit on the floor facing the speakers.

6. Feel the reverberations through the floorboards as you picture yourself in the room you studied in step 2.

6a. If you feel the urge to dance, at least try to wait until side B, in order to take in the fullness of the spatial replication for a little while. 

6b. Meditate, if you wish.

6c. Does anyone really do the cross-legged pose with the Spider-Man hands? I still haven't been able to utilize that position for any kind of sustained concentration.

6d. Optional: Your dog doesn't know what to make of this at first and seems perturbed, but before long he gets into the spirit of the experience and is able to relax.

7. Notice the sense of space created within the sound. Notice the sonic particles rebounding off the bleachers and the ceiling and the walls (of your mind), creating a concurrent din within the rhythm.

7b. Optional: It's almost completely dark in your house, except there's a dazzling thunderstorm occurring outside.

8. If you occasionally hear what sounds like human voices floating somewhere within the percussive mass, try to be comfortable with the idea that they are not the voices of living people.

9. Allow your thoughts to drift, or delve pointedly within, always keeping the sound and the vibration of the floor and the air at the forefront of your sensory awareness.

9a. If possible, contemplate your own spiritual journey, or your own notion of spirituality, or your judgment of the notion itself. Consider abandoning your judgment of others based on their spiritual beliefs. No harm can come of this. 

10. Experience the expulsion of some present or persistent hangups, perhaps in the form of a sneeze, as your soul weaves and contorts within the shifting time signatures and grooves and clatters. You are releasing what is not useful to you, and drawing in healing energy with each breath.

10a. Optional: Your cats hate you right now, but they'll get over it.

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