Is This Good News?

Posted 12/18/2008 by cal

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According to, Phish will be headlining two nights at Bonnaroo. You'll forgive me if I roll my eyes in mock-disbelief, right? I guess it almost makes sense for Phish to do the most predictable thing possible in the year of its (second) reunion, but isn't this going to turn 'roo into more of a circus than it already is? Following this "announcement," the early-bird, pre-lineup tickets all sold out, go figure. I know I'll go back to Bonnaroo some day, but I just don't know if I'm ready for the blind rush to the feed trough this seems likely to turn into. I'll be fine with a couple nights of Phish at Alpine...sure I will...besides, the band might still suck. If Coventry taught us anything, it was that the magic was lost. Who knows if it can be re-conjured?

Of course, it could be a fabricated leak from the Bonnaroo camp to get tickets to sell out fast...would that be good news?