Posted 10/10/2011 by cal

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I don’t enjoy drawing snarky parallels between band names and album titles and the nature of the music they represent, but Yawn makes it impossible to resist. I wouldn’t even say the music of Yawn is boring, in and of itself; if it were its own bubble in a vast cultural vacuum, it would probably seem at least decent. And no, there are no hunting references or any major spring/summer/fall/winter themes--or if there are, I’m not going to bother poking around for them. It’s just that in the wake of the success of Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, we all knew (didn’t we?) it was going to be open season on the AC sound, and this is the most pathetic, blatant ripoff imaginable. I’d swear there are actual samples from MPP sprinkled amidst the Panda Bear and Avey Tare impersonations, and they should sue (for instance, aren’t those the “Brother Sport” yelps right there in “Acid”??). There’s nothing more to even say about it. *YAWN*