I promise, I'm not going into hiding.

Posted 08/30/2010 by cal

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It's just been a very busy summer, particularly August.  So much going to shows, not so much time to write about shows.  And other sites have been gobbling up my recent reviews.  But there will be lots more show reviews, record reviews, and other random blathering in the coming months, right here on you-phoria, I swear!  In the meantime, a few links to recent stuff in other places...

Lollapalooza at JamBase

Phish, Deer Creek, night one at Jambands.com

Phish, Deer Creek, night two at Jambands.com

Look for reviews of Phish at Alpine Valley at Jambands also, presumably in the next week or so.  Thanks to everybody who has checked out this site over the years, and stay tuned for lots more musings very soon!


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  • youphoric's gravatar youphoric said:
    8/30/2010 10:39 PM

    Nice to see your work up on jambands.com!