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Posted 05/15/2011 by youphoric

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do you remember the first time you heard the wall?

the truth is, i'm only 29 years old, and the majority of people i talk to on a daily basis probably haven't listened to all four sides of the album in its entirety. not trying to be high and mighty at all -- but if you have the opportunity, and the turntable, bring it to someone new this week. a lucky portion of the earthly population witnessed Waters+Gilmour perform Comfortably Numb last week. i witnessed some friends hear it in context on vinyl for the first time just hours ago.

there will never be another album like it, the digital age has ensured that. i may sound overdramatic, but will my grandchildren cling to the remaining copies of The Wall, and fill concert halls for reproductions of the album? will it be a sold out show or will the producers struggle to fill seats?

do your part with your friends and children to ensure it is the former. you will rediscover the album yourself in the process, i assure you. :)

-Nick / @youphoric


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  • Cal's gravatar Cal said:
    5/20/2011 11:12 AM

    You know I agree wholeheartedly on this. THE WALL was my favorite album of all time, starting when I decided I needed to HAVE a favorite album of all time and ending when REVOLVER inexplicably reblew my mind a few years ago and threw the whole list into chaos. Even in the 70s, a substantial percentage of the public didn't sit down with a 12x12 hunk of cardboard cradled in their palms and immerse themselves in the classic albums that bands were making. The media would have you believe album-worshippers are now dwindling beyond hope. But maybe that's big business masterminding a self-fulfilling prophecy in order to crush local record stores once and for all. Maybe there are still almost as many of us out there who get pumped to listen to a big, shiny album, old or new, all the way through the way God intended. Maybe our numbers are even growing again. Artists are still putting their hearts and souls into making 'em. Fuck all the bullshit about the death of the album. Take Nick's words to heart and keep the album alive, people. Not just THE WALL, but, um, especially THE WALL. And REVOLVER.